Safety Is Priority One

We’re Parents, too.

KidsTrade is founded and run by parents. So, your concerns are our concerns. From sophisticated algorithmic filters that snag swear words to live people with years of online security experience using their eyes and their instincts, we employ an array of methods to ensure a safe environment.


Kids are only linked to friends and other students at their school. So, a familiar face is always at the other end of a trade.


When a parent creates an account, they are directly notified when their child posts an item, agrees to an uneven trade, or wishes to buy or sell. Parents can log in anytime to view activity.


An exhaustive list of red-flagged words means offensive posts won’t see the light of day.


Both kids and parents can report any activity or item they feel is inappropriate and it is immediately removed.


Parents can block specific users, keywords and even entire categories. These restrictions can be customized for each child.